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King of the Hill USC Cinema Panavision Premier Film
2014-2018 - Contemporary Service for King Of Kings, 13765 Olive Blvd., Chesterfield, MO 63017

Some Projects Through the Years

  • Audio:
    • Premier Film & Recording Corporation. Pressing-plant quality control for Warren's steam powered manual book-presses (read: dropping a needle on the first hot vinyl off the press). Recording engineer; video transfers from flat art and Super 8mm films.
    • Live And MultiTrack Recorded, mastered, duplicated Father Jim Leitrim's popular AA talk, "The Hound of Heaven" on the poem by Francis Thompson. Download
    • Hot Dam Productions. Helena Marker, exec. producer. Line producer for the late bluesman Tommy Bankhead recording sessions and 45 recorded live on the Premier soundstage.
    • Jasmine, Carol Schmidt & Michelle Isam, Saint Louis caberet act. Soundman-road manager for 11,000 mile national tour from Little Rock, AR to The Cellar Door, DC. Live recording: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.
    • Tin Man Enterprises. Al Bussen, owner. Mastering engineer for cassette duplication plant making product for Library of Congress, Dove Books, Neuman Communications. "Heard any Good Books Today?"
    • Swank Audio-Visual. Part Time A2 (audio tech) for conventions.
  • Feature Film:
    • King Of The Hill - Populist Pictures 1992. Steven Soderbergh, Director.
    • Screen credit as Camera Intern under Elliot Davis, Director of Photography.
    •     Panavision camera lens changes, reloads, speed control for handhelds, slating.
    •     Video assist specialist for Insert cars, Process trailers, ATVs, Cranes and block & tackle shots.
  • Film & Video:
    • Premier Film & Recording Corporation. Wilson Dalzell (director, "Wild Kingdom", "Gateway To The West", "Jazzoo", founder of Mercury Records) Video editor, recording engineer, film-to-video transfer specialist. 2nd AD (asst. dir.), 1st AC (asst. camera), 2nd AC/loader.
    • Neighborhood Housing Services. Carol Clounch, director. Produced & edited "BlockAid", a video infomercial fundraising NHS to corporate donors, reached $40,000 full funding goal.
    • VideoPhase Productions. Wendy Hearn, videographer. Contributing scriptwriter for Schnuck's "Produce Proud" campaign. Airplane camera shots.

About Us [well, me, anyway]

Over 60 years ago I started recording...