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About Us

50 years ago I started recording.

My older brother had gotten a reel-to-reel recorder for Christmas and wanted to record every broadcast of "Mike Wallace Biography". I got to use his recorder if I recorded shows for him. I recorded my grandmother telling about how in the Civil War her uncle had to hide his pony in the outhouse to evade the soldiers' raids. I recorded my father's memoirs of General George S. Patton, how they met, and how he served as Patton's youngest General Staff officer in Patton's Third Army, ETO. And how Dad met my mother, a young Red Cross volunteer who happened into his office mad and loud about her muddy bivouac and fell in love with her at first sight, not knowing then that she would land on Normandy Beach, her field hospital would get strafed nightly, and she would survive the Battle of the Bulge before they met again. Postwar I ultimately resulted and went on to record willing musicians like The Studebakers, spoken-word artists like poets Don Finkel and W.S. Merwin, and Jesuit Father Jim Leitrim of County Leitrim reading a favorite at AA meetings, his popular explanation of Francis Thompson's "The Hound Of Heaven".
Eventually a hobby became a job. I worked in audio as a live sound tech (largest audience, 3500 at SIU Carbondale) and road manager (11,500 miles from Little Rock to DC) for Jasmine, and in local art bands as a performer. In the studio I was paid as a recordist, mastering engineer, pressing plant quality controller, and producer; in video, as a producer, editor, script writer, film transfer tech, and later feature film intern to the Director of Photography (screen credit), 2nd Assistant Cameraman, and 1st AC.

As time allows, I hope to make many of these works and stories available on this website as permitted.

King of the Hill USC Cinema Panavision

Projects through the Years


  • Washington University in St. Louis. B.S. Communications & Journalism
  •    Internship KMOV-TV CHANNEL 4, ST. LOUIS with Julius Hunter, news anchor;
  •    Internship KMOV-TV CHANNEL 4, ST. LOUIS with Allan Cohen, general manager.
  • University of Southern California School of Cinema.
  •    "The Universal Program" with Don Zirpola in feature film production and Write-Shoot-Screen. Foley at Glen Glenn/Todd-AO, Hollywood, CA.